Yoast SEO “Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines” 3.0 Error Message

If you’ve recently updated your Yoast SEO version to 3.0, you get the nasty little red message below: To fix this, simply go back to your WordPress dashboard after updating the plugin. You will then see the following option on your dashboard: Click...
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Scammer Targeting Web Developers

This post is a warning to other web developers. There is a scammer or a set of scammers out there who are attempting to use the old Nigerian Prince email trick. So far, I have been contacted by two different scammers: James Spence – 323.473.1240...
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Wikipedia in Google Search Results

If you start doing a search on your mobile device, chances are, you’ll start seeing the Wikipedia entry come up first. For example, take this search for Coca-cola. I haven’t even completed typing out the entire search term and look at my first...
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The Importance of Context

Have you ever arrived at a movie 20 minutes late? The characters have been introduced, the plot is blossoming, and you are trying to piece together what is going on. When we think about content for our websites, we should consider that each visitor may...
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A Responsive Approach

Most universities update their main website every five years. The sheer size and scope of these website overhauls require resources that only make sense in 5-year increments. The problem with this approach lies in the time frame. Websites begin looking...
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How can I secure my Mac Laptop?

You have a new Mac computer. Congratulations! Now what do you do? Here are 3 quick security tips to keep you protected: User Account Password When you set up your new MacBook, you should have been prompted to create a password for your account. This is...
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How to Underline a Library Book

There are two things I love when it comes to reading: Getting books from the library Underlining and taking notes in books Most libraries I know do not appreciate when you underline in their books. One alternative is to take notes in a notebook while...
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How to Plan a University Website

I came up with a new mantra during meetings with one of my Boston university clients last week. The mantra is that a website cannot be centrally planned. You can’t sit around a table with faculty and staff and come up with the perfect website. Yet this...
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Move “On My iPhone” Contacts to iCloud

When a client of mine purchased the new iPhone, she exported all of her contacts from her Blackberry to her iPhone. When she did that, the contacts were added directly to her iPhone but they did not automatically connect to her iCloud account. It took...
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2015: The Year of Succinctness

Succinct adjective 1. expressed in few words; concise; terse. 2. characterized by conciseness or verbal brevity. 3. compressed into a small area, scope, or compass. Since 2011, I have identified a major trend for each year: 2014: The Year of Analytics...
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