Make Connections on LinkedInI no longer keep a resume. LinkedIn is my resume. I keep it up to date on a regular basis and it contains more information and more clickable links than a paper resume could ever hope to accomplish. If people ask for my resume, I send them my my LinkedIn URL. Many people stop there. LinkedIn only becomes an online resume but not a social network or a place to build connections. But LinkedIn is set up perfectly to be able to make connections and that is what this blog post will cover.
I've made it somewhat of an obsession to find the cheapest technology solutions that work across all of my devices. Part of this stems from the desire to minimize wasted time and another part stems from wanting to travel as lightly as possible. I walk to work each day and I travel often with my wife. I do not want to carry unnecessary paper, books, or folders if I can have them on one of my devices. I use these set of productivity tools on a regular basis. They allow me to save, backup, share, organize, and search almost all of my life:
Mentions TwitterI have discussions with many people each week regarding Twitter. I begin hearing a lot of the same questions about Twitter and see a lot of similar mistakes that people make while using Twitter. This post covers the main features of Twitter and how to effectively use these features. I always like to think of Twitter as a natural extension of a person. If you were to go to an event, how would you behave? First, you'd find people who were talking about topics for which you had an interest. Next, you would listen in to what they were talking about. Finally, you would join into the conversation. In this example, there are two main components of the conversation:
Find and Engage Influencers on TwitterThe first step to take with a Twitter account is to find the right people to follow. I talk about this as getting into your world. Twitter is a vast universe and you have to find your world within that universe. What thought leaders and industry specialists will help you keep up with the latest information about your industry? Who in your city is involved in that industry? By getting into this world, you ensure that your intake of information is relevant and that whatever you send out from Twitter reaches a relevant audience. This post covers ways to find and engage people on Twitter.
iPad Mini as Entertainment System RemoteOver the past month, I have been working on a new entertainment system installation at a client's house. This client just purchased an iPad Mini and wanted to be able to control the entire system with her iPad Mini. This client went all out, the results were incredible, and she can indeed control the whole thing on her iPad (or iPhone or iPod).
GoDaddy Domain to HostIf you are using GoDaddy and you already have hosting and a domain name, here are the instructions for adding the domain name to your GoDaddy host so that you can begin to build a website:
  1. Once logged into Godaddy, go to My Account and choose Web Hosting
  2. Launch the specific hosting account you would like to add the domain name to
LinkedIn New Profile UpdateYou've likely been noticing a new look and feel to LinkedIn profile pages. Chances are, LinkedIn has prompted you to change your LinkedIn profile to this new design. If not, there is a simple way to force the change through on your profile. Simply sign into your LinkedIn account and then copy and paste this URL into your browser: