How to Change to the New LinkedIn Profile

You’ve likely been noticing a new look and feel to LinkedIn profile pages. Chances are, LinkedIn has prompted you to change your LinkedIn profile to this new design. If not, there is a simple way to force the change through on your profile. Simply...
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How Google Panda is Hurting Some Small Businesses

Google has released multiple updates to their famed algorithm this year. One of the major updates addressed the issue of duplicate content. For example, if the New York Times posts an article and someone else copies and pastes that article verbatim on...
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Embed Hidden Vimeo Video using Secure HTML5 Video Player for WordPress

I am using the WordPress plugin Secure HTML5 Video Player for WordPress. I have a Vimeo Pro account and have a situation where I need to hide the videos from but open up the possibility of embedding these videos only on sites that I choose....
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How to Travel with Apple Products

My wife and I travel quite a bit and I walk back and forth to my office every day. Everything I use must fit in a backpack and I place a huge premium on traveling light. With that in mind, consider this a post on how to travel with as little weight as...
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Brandscaping Book Review

I have just finished one of the best business books I have read in a while. It is called Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships and it was written by Andrew Davis. Brandscaping is about leveraging connections with other companies to utilize...
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How do I Backup iPhone5 from iCloud?

I purchased the new iPhone 5 over the weekend. I bought the phone at the AT&T store and while I was there, the AT&T rep opened up the iPhone and breezed through the initial settings to make sure the phone was working. I had backed up my iPhone...
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Gravity Forms Tab Doesn’t Go to Next Field

I started noticing a problem on a number of my Gravity Forms where if I was on the first field and pressed Tab, it would take me to a different area of the webpage and not to the next field. As someone who is accustomed to quickly filling out forms by...
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How to Set Up a Smart iTunes Christmas Music Playlist

It’s that time of year. It’s Christmas. You have a ton of Christmas music in your iTunes library but it is spread all over the place. How can you easily add a playlist in iTunes? iTunes has what are called Smart Playlists. You set the parameters...
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Add a Header to your Twitter Profile

Twitter has provided a way to spruce up your main Twitter profile page. You can now add a header for the area containing your basic information. How do you know if you have a header or not? If you have a header, your page will look like this:
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Setting up a Social Media Calendar

I know we’re coming upon the winter season, but it’s time for some spring cleaning with your social media platforms. My guess is you’ve overloaded on social media and now have a profile in all of the major platforms. How is that working...
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