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How do I connect the Facebook likes on my website with my Facebook Fan Page likes?

There are two basic ways to connect your website to Facebook.

  1. Facebook Like Button
  2. Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Button
The Facebook Like Button adds a like button to your web page and allows your user to ‘like’ that website page. If the user clicks the like button, this doesn’t add their number to the complete number of Facebook Fan Page likes. It does however show up on that user’s Facebook account as something that they liked. That is why you can have 24 likes on your website and only 14 likes on your Facebook Fan Page. If you use the Facebook Like Button, the likes will not add to each other.

Facebook Like Box
The Facebook Like Box connects directly with your Facebook Fan Page. If your website user clicks the like button within your Facebook Like Box, that will add to the total number of likes you have on your Facebook Fan Page. The box provides a more direct contact with your Facebook Fan Page. If you are interested in building the number of overall Likes to your Facebook Fan Page, then use the Like Box.

If you use WordPress, here are links to two great widgets that will do exactly what you need for each of these options:

Facebook Like ButtonLike-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress
Facebook Like BoxFacebook Like Box WordPress Plugin


  1. Holly

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for the info. We have lots of F.B. likes on our website and very few on Facebook page, because of this button/box issue. Is there any way to migrate the likes if we change to the box?


  2. Erik Rostad

    Hello Holly, here is some information about migrating (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13689877/migrate-likes-from-website-to-facebook). I’d try to change it from a button to a Facebook Like box or something that adds likes to your Facebook page from this point forward. Please let me know if you have any questions on how to do that.

  3. Adam

    Hello Erik,

    great info, but there is still one question I can’t resolve. Does a Facebook Like Button increase directly website’s positon in rankings? Facebook Page is like a separate website, which is not that important for me to be popular, unless it promotes my website.


  4. Erik Rostad

    No, this does not have an impact on the website’s position in the rankings.

  5. Tristan

    I disagree that Facebook likes do not have an impact on search engine rankings due to this report on ranking factors in 2013. It states, “Social signals continue to correlate very well with better rankings”.

    The report goes on to say, “The tendency over the years has been very positive – and this year’s study confirms the trend that became evident as early as 2012: well positioned URLs have a high number of likes, shares, tweets and plus ones and specific URLs stand out in the top search results with a very high mass of social signals. On one hand this means that the activity on social networks continues to increase, on the other hand it means that frequently shared content increasingly correlates with good rankings”.

    Please take a look: http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/services/ranking-factors-2013/?inf_contact_key=395f5967921201a56601264a0db7107bb2e4d534aa5118ffd7f0025aa4bd0912

  6. Erik Rostad

    I never said Facebook likes do not have an impact on search engine rankings.

  7. Adam

    By saying Facebook Like Button, I meant the button’s counter value, of course. It seems, I should be more precise.

    That’s in oposite to sharing, which I’d known it has a direct impact on search engine rankings.

    Also Tristan, thanks for your info.

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