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How to Contact Someone I’m Not Connected to on LinkedIn

How to Contact Someone I’m Not Connected to on LinkedIn
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Connect on LinkedInDo you ever run into the situation where you would like to contact someone on LinkedIn, but you are not connected to that person and thus cannot contact them? LinkedIn makes it a requirement that you are connected to a person before you can use InMail, LinkedIn’s messaging service. So, how can you contact someone on LinkedIn without being connected to them?

Here are a few options and tips for contacting on LinkedIn:

1. Join a Group

Look at the LinkedIn profile of the person whom you would like to contact and see if they are a member of any LinkedIn groups. If they are, you can join any of those groups and once you are a member, you can contact that person directly.

2. Upgrade Your Account

You can upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account. There are different premium levels running from $19.95 to $99.95 per month, but each level provides the ability to contact a certain number of people through LinkedIn InMail (email within LinkedIn) without being connected to them.

3. Get Introduced

If you are trying to contact a person, see how you are connected to that person. When you are looking at their profile, LinkedIn will let you know if you have a mutual contact. If so, ask that person to introduce you to this new person.

4. Email in Public Profile

Did this person list their email address in their LinkedIn public profile? If so, you can send that person a direct email. That’s not a guarantee they’d respond, but you’d at least have their email address in order to contact them.

5. Connect

The most obvious way to contact someone through LinkedIn is to get connected to them. If that’s not a possibility, then use one of the 4 methods listed above. You will have a better chance of connecting to someone if in your “Connect” message, you change it from the standard LinkedIn message to one that is personal and provides a reason why you are trying to contact that person. You may also try to get your name in front of this person before you connect with them on LinkedIn by retweeting their posts on Twitter and/or commenting on their blog. If they recognize your name from somewhere else, they are more likely to connect with you on LinkedIn.

What are some other ways you have connected with or contacted new people on LinkedIn? Please use the comment form below to share any thoughts.

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