Can I View Flash on my iPad?

By August 28, 2012Apple

Using Adobe Flash on your iPadYes, you can view Flash on your iPad. It will cost some money, but here is how you can view flash on your iPad (or iPhone).

The first step is to sign up for GoToMyPC on your computer. Your computer can be a Mac or a PC. GoToMyPC offers a 30-day trial where you can check it out. Basic plans start out at $9.95 per month.

The second step is to add the GoToMyPC app to your iPad or iPhone. Now, make the connection between your computer and iPad by using your login credentials.

The third step is to open up GoToMyPC on your iPad and access your computer. Open up the browser or presentation that contains the flash object and open it. Flash will show through the display on your computer right on your iPad.

It’s a workaround, and you are not accessing flash directly on your iPad, but it is a method that allows you to view flash on your iPad if you are desperate.

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