Control a Home Theater System with an iPad or iPhone

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iPad Mini as Entertainment System RemoteOver the past month, I have been working on a new entertainment system installation at a client’s house. This client just purchased an iPad Mini and wanted to be able to control the entire system with her iPad Mini. This client went all out, the results were incredible, and she can indeed control the whole thing on her iPad (or iPhone or iPod).

The Equipment

iPad Controlled Theater Equipment

Apple Based TheaterThe important pieces here for iPad/iPhone compatibility are the Denon receiver, Sony BlueRay/DVD Player, and the Apple TV. I hired a professional installer to mount the flat screen, cut holes for the wires, and cut holes in the wall for the in-wall speakers.

The Apps

Once everything was installed, I loaded the iPad Mini with the following apps to control the system.

From the Denon app, I can turn on the entire sound system and choose the input (Cable, BlueRay/DVD, or Apple TV). Once I have made the choice in the Denon app, I then open up the Xfinity, Sony, or Apple Remote apps in order to control that particular option. During setup, you will need to enable each device to access your wireless internet at your location. As long as your iPad, iPhone, or iPod are connected to that wifi, you can control your home theater by using those devices. The only thing that did not work with the iPad was turning on the actual TV. You can however set the TV to automatically turn on when the Denon is powered up and automatically turn off after a set period of time.

In all, it is actually quite incredible to be able to control an entire entertainment system from a phone or tablet. It would even be fine to purchase the cheapest iPod touch to be able to control the entire system.

How have you used an iPad, iPhone, or iPod to control your entertainment system?

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