How do I Backup iPhone5 from iCloud?

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Restore iPhone5 from iCloudI purchased the new iPhone 5 over the weekend. I bought the phone at the AT&T store and while I was there, the AT&T rep opened up the iPhone and breezed through the initial settings to make sure the phone was working.

I had backed up my iPhone 4 that morning in iCloud and was hoping to be able to simply restore those settings to my new phone. However, when I got home, I didn’t see any option to backup my phone from an iCloud backup.

It seems like the only place to restore your new phone from an iCloud backup is in those initial settings when the phone is brand new. Since the AT&T rep had already gone through those and said to set up my phone as a new phone, I couldn’t restore my phone.

The Solution

To fix this, I went into Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings.

Once I did that, the phone restarted and I was able to access the initial settings. At that time, I saw the screen where I could restore from an iCloud backup. I chose that option, put in the necessary details, and was able to restore from the iCloud backup. Before you reset your content and settings, make sure you had not added any information you don’t want to lose.

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  • Thanks for you sharing about how to backup iPhone 5 with iCloud. But due to the limited storage space of iCloud, I like to use iTunes to backup iPhone to computer. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer. After the phone being detected, click the backup icon and you can choose to backup your data to iCloud or “This computer”.


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