How to Set Up a Smart iTunes Christmas Music Playlist

By November 24, 2012Apple

Set up an iTunes Christmas PlaylistIt’s that time of year. It’s Christmas. You have a ton of Christmas music in your iTunes library but it is spread all over the place. How can you easily add a playlist in iTunes?

iTunes has what are called Smart Playlists. You set the parameters and iTunes scours your iTunes library to find the relevant music.

Here’s how to set up a Christmas playlist:

  • Open iTunes, go to File > New Smart Playlist.
  • A screen will open like the image below. In the top box, change All to Any.
  • Most iTunes songs contain a Genre classification. For my list, I found that it would encompass all Christmas songs if I chose the genre’s Christmas and Holiday.
  • Be sure to check Live Updating. That way, whenever you add a new Christmas song to your iTunes library, it will automatically be added to this new playlist.

Christmas iTunes Smart Playlist

If you use iTunes Match, this playlist will automatically show up on all of your devices. It’s a great feature.

If you notice some Christmas songs from your iTunes library that are not in this playlist, find those songs in your library and type in the correct genre for the song by changing it to either Christmas or Holiday. If you don’t see the Genre category, in the menu go to View > View Options and make sure Genre is checked.

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