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Travel with Apple ProductsMy wife and I travel quite a bit and I walk back and forth to my office every day. Everything I use must fit in a backpack and I place a huge premium on traveling light.

With that in mind, consider this a post on how to travel with as little weight as possible.

Let’s tackle the computer first. I know some people who are able to just travel with an iPad. I’m close, but with web development, there are still a number of tasks I can only complete on a laptop. My lightweight laptop of choice is obviously the 11″ MacBook Air. I loaded this computer up with the max memory and disc space. I find it to be the perfect travel computer. Weighing in at 2.38lbs, I barely notice it in my backpack. It is quite easy to use an external monitor with this computer, so if the 11″ screen is too small, it is always possible to plug it into a hotel flat screen using a mini DVI to HDMI cable.

Next is the iPad. I have the full size iPad right now, but you can even go with a new iPad mini to cut weight even further. I find the iPad a great travel companion, especially on long flights. I have all movies and books loaded on my iPad. I keep the weight down in my bags by never carrying books or dvds. I also save all important travel documents into a Dropbox or Evernote folder. I make sure to make the Dropbox travel docs my Favorite docs which means that they are downloaded to my iPad and wifi is not required to access those documents. Again, this saves on quite a bit of weight in unnecessary paper. It also makes finding travel docs, car rental info, or flight details all in one place. Easy.

For cords and cables, if you travel internationally, I recommend purchasing Apple’s World Traveler Adapter kit. This allows you to easily convert your Apple plugs into different plug types. I usually just bring one iPad/iPhone cord and only recharge those by plugging into my computer. I don’t take the specific iPad and iPhone plug adapters, only one cord that services each of those devices. I know the plug adapters wouldn’t take up a lot of space, but

For accessing internet, I have highlighted that in another blog. In the past, I would have suggested purchasing an Apple Airport Express device for use in hotel rooms, but now, that isn’t even necessary as you can share you internet connection to your iPad and iPhone or other wifi connected devices right through your laptop.

I specifically purchased an extremely small backpack. If I can’t fit my devices in the backpack, then it’s not going with me. That has helped me keep my backpack light on long trips. It is also a safety and security measure for me because I am more apt to have my backpack with me at all times on a trip if it is super lightweight.

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