Passbook iTunes Store Not Working iOS6

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ios6 Passbook App Store Not WorkingI updated my iPhone operating system to iOS6 last night. One of the new apps is the Passbook app. When I opened the Passbook app and then clicked the button for the App Store, it said that the iTunes store was not available.

There is an easy fix for this:

Passbook Welcome Screen

  1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time
  2. If your time is set to automatic, turn that off
  3. You will now see an option to Set Date & Time. Choose that
  4. Choose the year setting and change it to one year ahead (to 2013 in this case)
  5. Click the home button and go back to the Passbook App.
  6. Now when you click the App Store link, it should open up for you
  7. After you do that, remember to go back to Settings > General > Date & Time and either manually change the year back to the current year or turn on “Set Automatically” again.

ios6 Set Date

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