Top 10 Apple Predictions for 2014

Apple Predictions
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Here are my annual predictions for Apple products. I’m an Apple fanboy and I enjoy predicting where they are moving with their product lines. To see how I’ve done the past few years, here are my predictions for 2013 & 2012.

1. Retina MacBook Air

There are only two things lacking in the MacBook Air to make it the ultimate machine ever. The first is a retina screen, which I predict will be added this year. The second is…

2. LTE service for MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is the ultimate traveling tool. It seems like it would be a very easy fix to add LTE service, making it possible to use the Air, well, anywhere.

3. Topsy integrated with Apple TV

Apple recently purchased Topsy, a Twitter Search & Analytics company. Why would they do that? Apple barely uses social media as a company. The only thing I can think of is that this will somehow be used in the coming Apple TV update or physical Apple TV to better integrate social media around TV viewing. These analytics will also allow Apple to know what TV shows are being talked about the most.

4. Airplay Capability for iMac

The Apple TV allows me to show something on my flat screen TV from my iPhone or iPad. I predict that you’ll also be able to do this onto an iMac screen in 2014. Seems like it would be an easy thing to add to the iMac.

5. TouchID on the iPad, Mac

I was surprised that the new iPad Air didn’t come with TouchID like the iPhone 5S. I predict this will be on the next iterations of the iPad Air & Mini. And quite possibly on future MacBooks.

6. 4k Thunderbolt Displays

The 27” Apple monitor is in need of an update. It is now thicker than the new iMac. I predict a new 4k display to be available in the near future that will be compatible with the new Mac Pro, and potential use with an updated Mac Mini. It will also be super slim and expensive.

7. Mac Mini Update

It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there with a huge monitor and a crappy desktop computer. They are in need of an update but don’t need to go with an iMac because they already have a monitor. The Mac Mini is the perfect computer for them. The Mac Pro will be released later this month (December 2013) with a sleek new look. It’s time for a sleek new look for the Mac Mini with more upgrade possibilities.

8. Apple TV

I still have a hard time believing that Apple will introduce an actual Apple TV physical screen. People already have flat screens in their houses. To me, it makes more sense that Apple will continue to update the Apple TV device with more and more capabilities. This prediction is that Apple TV will cease being a second tier Apple product and will begin taking center stage in 2014.

9. Movies added to iTunes Match

Right now, iTunes can match my music but not my movies. I think the next step is that I’ll be able to match my movie selection within iTunes.

10. iTunesU & MOOCs

The first time I took a class using iTunesU on my iPad, I had to force my jaw closed. I was in awe. I could download an entire course (videos, reading materials, quizzes, and other items) and then take an entire course at any time. With the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Classes) from companies like Coursera and EdX, I think Apple already has a foothold to be a bigger player in this arena. I predict that Apple will begin spending more time with educators helping them get their classes online. I also think that the software to make adding classes will become easier and easier for educators. So easy, that educators could use an iPad to do the entire thing (record video lectures, extract audio, create quizzes, etc.)

I’d love to hear your predictions for 2014. Please use the comment form below.

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Top Ten Apple Predictions for 2013
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