Top Ten Apple Predictions for 2013

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Apple Predictions 2013Last year, I did my first set of Apple predictions and it became one of my most popular blog posts. I was right on a few predictions from last year and think Apple will still do a few of the others.

Here is my set of 10 predictions for 2013:

1. Retina Everything

2013 will be the year when everything goes Retina. The iPad Mini, MacBook Airs, and eventually the iMacs. Apple can easily market the slight increase in cost by citing the visual benefits to a clearer screen. Due to Apple supply chain, this seems to be an area where Apple can really blow past the competition at least for a few more months.

2. Non-Monitor Computers

My prediction is that more people will opt for Mac desktops that don’t come with a monitor (MacMini, Mac Pro).

This prediction also extends to laptop screen sizes. Some people were shocked that Apple’s new line of laptops did not include a 17″ option. But when you think about it, most designers or people requiring a big screen are already plugging their laptops into large external monitors at their offices or homes. In my case, I use an 11″ MacBook Air as my main computer, however I very rarely use the 11″ screen. As soon as I get to the office, I plug the laptop into an external monitor. The only time I use the 11″ screen is when I’m traveling or in a coffee shop, which is maybe only 10% of the time.

3. Apple TV for the Office

I’m stealing a prediction from last year because I was really surprised Apple didn’t put more of an effort in marketing the Apple TV device to the corporate boardroom. I have meetings all over the city of Atlanta and am frankly amazed that these meeting rooms don’t have an Apple TV hooked up to the projector or flat screen monitor. The $99 device would make presentations so much easier for anyone using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. This prediction is that Apple TV will make a bigger push to get into every corporate meeting room especially as more and more employees utilize iPads and Macs.

4. Apple Watch

I was surprised when Apple released the new iPod Shuffle without a screen and the iPod Nano in a size bigger than a watch size. There was such an interesting grassroots push for people to use the previous version as a watch. I think Apple will bring this back in some form or another but this time with WiFi. It’s just plain cool to have a device with which Bond would be impressed.

5. Leap Motion

I predict that Apple will either purchase Leap Motion or develop their own technology so that Apple devices with cameras will be able to be controlled with hand motions. If you haven’t seen Leap Motion, go to this link and watch the video. Very cool.

6. WiFi-Connected iPods

Non WiFi-connected devices don’t make sense to me. I’m a minimalist. I want to carry one device that does everything. I don’t want to carry a device for music, a device for my phone, and a device for tracking running. I want those all to be in the iPhone. My prediction here is that iPods will eventually become WiFi-enabled or will be phased out.

7. Apple TV Renamed

This is a re-prediction from last year. If Apple comes out with a physical TV as rumored, they will reposition the Apple TV device and rename it to something different to distinguish with the new physical TV. I still don’t understand the physical TV Apple TV option because it seems to me that most people have a flat screen in their house. Why buy a brand new flat screen that is an Apple TV instead of connecting a device like the Apple TV to an existing flat screen? Either way, the Apple TV needs to be better positioned and marketed so that the wider market knows what the heck it is.

8. The Mac Pro

I predict the Mac Pro will be re-released and production will be in the USA. The Mac Pro might not be a big money-maker for Apple but Apple risks big if they get rid of the Mac Pro. Designers and videographers are already moving to PC’s because it is possible to customize PC’s to very high-end requirements. If Apple makes all of their computers non-customizable, they will lose their first loves, the designers and artists who were the first big Apple users. Apple will not want to lose the high end of the market to PCs. If they do, they will lose prestige as the computer for artistry. They do not want that distinction to go to PCs even if the Mac Pro is not a huge money-maker.

9. Touch Screen Laptops

I find myself touching my MacBook Air screen all the time expecting it to react like my iPad. It’s just a matter of time until touch-screens are incorporated into the main screen of the laptop.

10. Apps as Remotes

This isn’t as much of an Apple prediction as an App prediction. I work on entertainment system installations that can be run solely using iPhones and iPads. While they can be run that way, it’s still not seamless. I predict more apps to come out that consolidate all remote functions to be able to operate multiple home devices within one app as opposed to opening multiple apps to control the different devices.

What are your predictions for Apple products for 2013?

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