Why the new iMac Design Matters

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Why the new iMac Design MattersI’ve heard a number of snide comments lately about the design of the new 2012 iMac. Many people are questioning why it is such a big deal that Apple shaved a few inches off of the iMac when you can’t see the back of the computer anyways.

I think the design of the iMac is of utmost importance. It is a fashion choice. On my walk to work each day, I pass a number of stores. Many of these stores have computers at the checkout desk and most of the stores use the iMac as the computer of choice. This is because the iMac looks sophisticated. It is not a black box purchased just to get the job done. The iMac makes the statement that the store cares about design and in turn cares about their client’s full experience.

One of EPR Creations’ services is implementing computer system upgrades for companies, organizations, and doctor’s offices. If there is a computer that will be visible to anyone walking into that office, the computer I choose every time is the iMac. The fact that it is now skinnier, sleeker, and sexier only makes this a more obvious choice.

Yes, the software, the operating system, and the keyboard are the same. But when someone walks into a store or an office an marvels that a full computer is in that sleek screen, that person has proven the intrinsic value of good design. The iMac is not just for the worker serving a solitary cubicle sentence, it is a useful piece of art that decorates an office, store, or home.

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