Hootsuite vs TweetdeckEver get frustrated having to sign in and out of all of your social media accounts in order to post on different platforms? Ever wish you could view multiple streams of information from Twitter within your account? That's what the Hootsuite and Tweetdeck platforms allow you to do. Hootsuite & Tweetdeck provide a dashboard from which you can keep an eye on a variety of social media content and a way in which to update multiple accounts from one location. These two options also make it possible to schedule posts in advance.
Personal BrandingWhen I think of the topic of building a personal brand, I picture a slimy salesman selling snake oil. It all seems so cheesy and fake. That's not the type of personal branding I want to cover here. The personal branding I am referring to has more to do with online reputation management and positioning yourself online as someone knowledgeable about a particular industry.
Photo and Video MarketingPhotos and videos will not magically make themselves known online. It is imperative to optimize online photos and videos for each platform that you use. There are four common items you can add to a photo or video within most platforms to optimize the content. These items are:
Social MediaI've found that one of the best ways to talk about social media is to discuss it in terms of a networking event or a business meeting. Picture this scenario. You are running about 15 minutes late to a networking meeting. You know that most of the people at the meeting work in a particular industry. You've also met some of these people before at other events but you don't know the majority of the people. You finally arrive and see a number of different sets of people. What do you do now?
Targeting Online ContentUn-targeted content added to a website is like a billboard placed in the desert. No one is going to see it. By targeting content, you make that content more likely to be seen by a specific audience. It's like moving the billboard to a road heavily trafficked by people interested in your content. So how do you target content?
Make Connections on LinkedInI no longer keep a resume. LinkedIn is my resume. I keep it up to date on a regular basis and it contains more information and more clickable links than a paper resume could ever hope to accomplish. If people ask for my resume, I send them my my LinkedIn URL. Many people stop there. LinkedIn only becomes an online resume but not a social network or a place to build connections. But LinkedIn is set up perfectly to be able to make connections and that is what this blog post will cover.
I've made it somewhat of an obsession to find the cheapest technology solutions that work across all of my devices. Part of this stems from the desire to minimize wasted time and another part stems from wanting to travel as lightly as possible. I walk to work each day and I travel often with my wife. I do not want to carry unnecessary paper, books, or folders if I can have them on one of my devices. I use these set of productivity tools on a regular basis. They allow me to save, backup, share, organize, and search almost all of my life:
Mentions TwitterI have discussions with many people each week regarding Twitter. I begin hearing a lot of the same questions about Twitter and see a lot of similar mistakes that people make while using Twitter. This post covers the main features of Twitter and how to effectively use these features. I always like to think of Twitter as a natural extension of a person. If you were to go to an event, how would you behave? First, you'd find people who were talking about topics for which you had an interest. Next, you would listen in to what they were talking about. Finally, you would join into the conversation. In this example, there are two main components of the conversation: