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Brandscaping Book ReviewI have just finished one of the best business books I have read in a while. It is called Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships and it was written by Andrew Davis. Brandscaping is about leveraging connections with other companies to utilize complimentary content for the purpose of increasing awareness. Andrew highlights subtle as well as major shifts that have taken place in marketing, specifically online marketing. One of these subtle shifts is the need for companies to consider their content an important asset instead of a time-consuming expense.

Andrew spends a lot of time talking about the presentation of content in this digital marketing age. Content must be delivered consistently and with exceptional quality. I appreciated the fact that Andrew put this into practice in his own writing style by keeping nearly every chapter at the 3 page mark. I knew what to expect going into each similarly-formatted chapter.

Many business books highlight what companies have done in the past. That’s great, but anyone can write about what has happened. In Brandscaping, I appreciated how Andrew would take a whole section of each chapter to suggest marketing moves for existing companies in their current situations. By highlighting the subtle and major shifts occurring right now and how they require subtle and major shifts in thinking, Andrew was able to present ideas for a number of industries. If you don’t have time to read this entire book, you would benefit immensely from reading the second to last section of each chapter titled “What If…”

One final aspect I enjoyed about this book was in Andrew’s challenge to think beyond basic online advertising. Google Ads are almost presented as a cop-out in this book. Online ad placement doesn’t require much thinking or creativity. However, brandscaping and connecting with other companies does require some hard work and creativity, but not necessarily more money. In fact, brandscaping is presented as having the potential to dramatically improve sales or awareness for companies through partnerships never considered before.

I found myself taking many notes throughout this book. Not just basic notes or underlining but notes about how I could immediately implement some of these ideas in my own company. It is a rare book that inspires new thinking to such an extent that I jot down ideas that aren’t even close to what is presented in the book. I literally had my mind open up to new possibilities when confronted with these brandscaping trends and ideas.

If you are at a place where you need some fresh ideas on how to revitalize your brand, this is a great book to get those ideas flowing. The point of the book is that you won’t be able to revitalize your brand on your own. In fact, you’ll need to eat some humble pie and realize that some of your best opportunities will happen when you connect with others already promoting your brand/industry. This book provides a great shift in mentality so that you can realize these potential connection points.

By the way, I found out about this book through one of the podcasts I listen to – Marketing Smarts from Marketing Profs. Also, I read this book on my iPad in iBooks. I see the iPad and Kindle prices are under $10 but the Paperback version is a frustrating $20+. I actually would like to purchase this book for a number of my clients but not at the $20 price point.

Brandscaping Video

The link to this book listed above is an Amazon affiliate link. If you purchase the book from the link, Amazon thanks me for the business with money. I wrote this blog post before including the affiliate link and did not write this post just as a way to make money.

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  • Erik,
    First, let me thank you for taking the time to read Brandscaping! Your review is really well thought-out and wonderfully crafted. Thank you so much. I hope you don’t mind if I promote your review on my book’s website and add a quote or two from it on Amazon?

    I’m really glad you like the “What if…” sections. As I travel around the globe hearing from people who’ve read the book, almost universally they appreciate the extended thinking. In fact, I’m meeting with a psychiatrist next week who’s an expert in “What if” scenarios as treatment for people with chronic phobias. He read the book and is interested in seeing how we can learn to be better business people by asking What if more often. It’s an interesting premise.

    I’m glad you took so many notes. I’d be glad to find a time when we can chat via Skype or on a call so I can help apply what you’ve learned in any way! Let me know if you’re interested.

    (As for the book pricing, I can help you with some discounts for multiple print copies if you’re interested.) $24.95 isn’t an easy nut to swallow – I know.

    Thanks again for all your great feedback and let me know when (if) you’d like to chat!
    – Andrew Davis

  • Erik,
    Thanks again for the wonderful review (and the subsequent conversation!)
    I hope you’ve been applying some of the things you learned in the book and it’s helped expand your thinking.
    Given your desire to buy some hardcover copies of the book and the restrictive pricing, I’ve put together a package of ten signed copies of Brandscaping for you (and some other happy fans). Basically, the books are $15.00 each for a box of 10 signed copies. (Plus $17.00 for shipping anywhere in the US.) Here’s where you can order them.

    I hope that helps and I really appreciate the pricing feedback as well as your desire to affordably share my book!
    Thanks again! Here’s the package order form!

  • Thanks Erik! I’ll send them out tomorrow!


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