2011: The Year of the Video

By February 3, 2011Digital Marketing

Year of VideoI’ve been telling a number of my clients that 2011 needs to be the year of the video for their websites. I just heard recently that 52% of searches are now for videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. I personally prefer to watch a 60 second video clip instead of reading a page of content.

So how do you begin to incorporate video into your website? Here are a few ideas:

  • Home page highlight video of what your company/organization does. (keep within 30-90 seconds)
  • Add a video at the top of your most popular pages. You can keep the text below it, but have a video up top. For example, have a video about you on your about page. A well-done video of you describing yourself and your business will say a lot more than static text.
  • Use videos for teaching purposes. There are a number of screen capture software solutions where you can capture a video of how to do something on your computer. These can then be added as videos on your website.

Once the video has been created, how should you add it to your website? My recommendation is to use YouTube or Vimeo. If you upload your video to one of these services, you can then embed the video right on your website page. Then, the video will not only be on your website but will also be added to the millions of videos online and will be searchable within the search engines.

Additionally, YouTube is a video format that works on mobile devices such as the iPhone. Vimeo also has this capability, but you have to pay to have your videos work on mobile devices. YouTube is the better option for search engines and playability, but I like how Vimeo looks. It is much cleaner.

In the videos you make, be real. If you are the CEO of a plumbing service, don’t get in front of a video camera in a suit and tie and talk about your business. Show your plumbing crew and how they handle problems. People don’t want a CEO to fix their toilet, they want a plumber. If you can add humor, do it wisely. And in all videos, put your potential client first. Don’t make a video of what you would want to see. Make a video that would entice your potential client.

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