What is a QR Code?

By February 3, 2011Digital Marketing

QR CodeHave you seen one of these codes lately?  Do you know what it is?

It’s called a QR Code and it’s becoming popular quickly. It’s basically a barcode that includes whatever information you would like it to contain. For instance, you can send a message or include a link within these barcodes.

So how can you read the barcode? Most smartphones have a number of apps available to read these. I just downloaded the free app ‘i-nigma 4‘ that is specific to the iPhone 4. This app turns your phone into a barcode reader using the camera. Once the barcode is read (which happens immediately), you are either shown the message or directed to the website.

Here is a simple website where you can create one of these barcodes – http://createqrcode.appspot.com/

The way you can use this is to create a barcode and then put it on your business card, promotional material, or even on your website. This is a great solution if you have a website URL that is hard to remember. Now, you can just place the image of the QR Code on promotional material and people can be led directly to the page.

Test the QR Code shown above and see where it leads you!

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