How Google Panda is Hurting Some Small Businesses

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Google Panda Duplicate ContentGoogle has released multiple updates to their famed algorithm this year. One of the major updates addressed the issue of duplicate content. For example, if the New York Times posts an article and someone else copies and pastes that article verbatim on a website, Google will punish that site by decreasing the rankings in the search engines. The website that has more prestige and the website that first posted the content is considered the originator. Anything else is considered duplicate content.

This is a great feature to protect against sites that are simply copying content from other places. But sometimes that copying is necessary. For example, dropshippers sell other company’s products on their sites. Oftentimes, these companies require a specific product description to accompany each product. If the dropshipper with a website doesn’t use the exact product description, the producing company will no longer allow that person to sell products. However, if the dropshipper does use the exact product description, Google will decrease their search engine ranking or remove them all together for using duplicate content. This puts a lot of small businesses who dropship in a tough situation.

If you are a dropshipper with a website, one way around this is to negotiate up front with the product producers to have leeway to create your own product descriptions. This will take a lot of time but the alternative is being pushed down so far in the search engine results that no one ever finds your site.

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