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Add Events to LinkedIn ProfileSome of my clients travel the country meeting with clients one-on-one or in larger group settings. One of the main ways they keep contact with their client base is by connecting with them each time they are in a given part of the country. It is imperative that they share their calendar often with their contact base. LinkedIn provides a great way of doing this through the use of the Events Application.

LinkedIn provides the ability to add an application where you can highlight upcoming events, speaking engagements, or important meetings with your entire connection base. To add the Events Application, sign into your LinkedIn account and choose “Edit Profile” within the Profile menu tab. From there, select the “Sections” option located directly under your main Grey profile highlights area. Once there, choose Events under the Applications options.

Add LinkedIn Events

Once the pop-up comes up, choose Events and then click Add Application. The Events Application contains a number of features for event listings:

  • Basic event details
  • Map of the event location
  • Attendee list with photo and link to full LinkedIn profile
  • Suggested list of event attendees you may want to meet
  • A graph showing the concentration of attendees per company

Give the application a try. It may be a more conducive event calendar option with a greater reach to your client base than a website-based calendar option.

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