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LinkedIn New Profile UpdateYou’ve likely been noticing a new look and feel to LinkedIn profile pages. Chances are, LinkedIn has prompted you to change your LinkedIn profile to this new design. If not, there is a simple way to force the change through on your profile.

Simply sign into your LinkedIn account and then copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Once you are on this page, you can see how your new profile will look and go through the new sections of the updated profile. You will then be prompted to update your LinkedIn profile to the new design. After that, it should look something like this:

LinkedIn New Profile

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  • Hi Erik, I’m looking fowrard to some tutorials on using LinkedIn. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to add contacts in an easy manner. Seems very complex and I’m a bit lost. I’m loving and appreciating all the training you’ve been providing! Aloha, E.

    • Hi Desak – the great thing about LinkedIn is that they will walk you through the best ways of adding contacts. You can start by adding your email list to determine who is already on LinkedIn who you know. Then, the more people you know, the easier new contacts will be to add to your profile.

  • This was very helpful! We accidentally set up a personal page instead of a business page on LinkedIn. Now that we’ve got that corrected, following these steps will help our employees and future employees find out page! Thanks!


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