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Profile Organizer for LinkedInLinkedIn makes it very easy to connect to people you know. But how do you keep track of people who you have searched for but have not connected to? For example, say you are searching for a potential employee. You’d like to somehow save the profiles of the candidates and maybe even take some notes.

LinkedIn allows you to do just this within the Profile Organizer. Profile Organizer can be found in the Profile menu as the last option.

LinkedIn Profile Organizer

Profile Organizer allows you to save profiles into different folders while also adding notes to that profile. You are the only person who can see those notes. You can also quickly view any message history you have with that contact.

The only downside to using the Profile Organizer is that it is part of the Premium LinkedIn plan and you have to pay for it. Premium plans run anywhere from $20 to $75 per month depending on the plan. For the Business plan, you get 5 Profile Organizer folders, 25 folders for the Business Plus plan, and 50 folders for the Executive plan.

If you do a lot of searching within LinkedIn and need a good way to categorize, notate, and remember the contacts, the Profile Organizer is going to be your best bet.

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