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Job Post Company LinkedIn PageLinkedIn is one of the best places to look for a job and also to look for a potential employee. LinkedIn allows millions of people to keep a searchable updated resume on file at all times. I have gotten to the point where if someone asks for my resume, I send them a link to my LinkedIn page. I keep my LinkedIn profile updated monthly. I haven’t touched my resume in 4 years.

This obviously makes LinkedIn a great place to find your next employee. If you have a company page on LinkedIn, posting job openings is an easy process. However, it is not free like the other company page features are in LinkedIn.

If you are an admin for your company page, one of the options you will see is a Careers tab. Click on that and you will then see a “Post a Job” button. Click that button.

Job Posting on LinkedIn

Pricing for Job Opening Listing on LInkedInNow you are within the area to begin posting a job. Fill in the relevant details and then you will come to the payment page. To list the job opening for one month is $295. Here is a chart of further pricing. This is likely much cheaper than hiring a placement service, but for a small business, listing a few open positions could get expensive quickly.

If you don’t want to fork out the $295 for the job post listing, the alternative is to search LinkedIn for your perfect candidate. This process becomes much easier when using the advanced search feature in LinkedIn. Just click the “advanced’ link next to the search box on any page of LinkedIn. You can then do very specific searches by industry, company, relationship to you, and title. I have clients who have used LinkedIn for almost all of their recent hiring and they did not pay to list any of their jobs.

Another way around the job posting is to list your job openings on your company website and have a link to these openings from your LinkedIn company page. You can even highlight new job openings in your LinkedIn company update feed. It won’t get the same traction as a job listing will, but it’s an alternative.

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