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By September 25, 2012LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Email Notifications for GroupsIf you have joined a group on LinkedIn, you are likely receiving a daily digest email highlighting all of the comments made within that group from the previous day. If you are like me, you don’t need to receive these every day. LinkedIn makes it easy to adjust these settings to turn of the daily digests or to turn them into weekly email digests instead.

To adjust LinkedIn Group Email Notification settings, sign into your account and find the group you would like to adjust under the menu item “Groups.” On the far right-hand side of the Group area, you will see a link for More. Hover over that and you will see a link for “Your Settings.” Click on that.

LinkedIn Group Settings

You will then be directed to a page where you can make updates to your settings. To stop receiving daily digest emails, uncheck the “Send me a digest of all activity in this group.” Or, if you’d prefer to receive the digests weekly instead of daily, you can change that under the dropdown for “Delivery Frequency.” If you are hardcore, you can also have an email sent to you for each new discussion. If the group is lively, that will add a ton of email to your inbox, so be wise about that setting.

LinkedIn Group Email Frequency

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