Four Years Old

By May 29, 2012News

Today is the 4th birthday of EPR Creations. I’m celebrating by launching a new design to the website and updating the logo. The new website was much overdue. I had fun with the logo, going with a company called 99designs. With 99designs, you submit your ideas, colors, business background, etc and different designers around the world submit their ideas. You then narrow the options down over the period of a week. I had a lot of fun with the process and got a new logo that I like.

I also made these updates because I am beginning to reposition the company into the direction of online presence consulting along with the website development. I started the company in 2008 with website design and development. At that time, an optimized website pretty much did the trick for an online presence. Now, there are so many different options with social media, online advertising, and digital marketing. Usually, my clients now have many of these pieces that they’ve collected over the years, but don’t have a solid strategy to connect all of the pieces. Their Facebook page is headed in one direction while Twitter in another and nothing connects to the website strategy.

I’ve completed over 85 websites in the last 4 years and look forward to additional work with clients around the world in the years to come.

Erik Rostad

Author Erik Rostad

Erik Rostad started EPR Creations in May 2008. He works with universities, international organizations, and executives on their online presence.

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