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EPR Creations at Colony Square AtlantaEPR Creations has moved offices from the 131 Ponce de Leon building in Midtown, Atlanta to Colony Square also located in Midtown Atlanta. Colony Square is located at the bustling intersection of Peachtree Street and 14th Street and sits at the Northeast corner of the intersection flanked by 4 large office towers. The Atlanta Symphony, High Museum, and Piedmont Park are just a few blocks away from the new office space.

EPR Creations moved out of the 131 Ponce de Leon building because it was purchased by developer Faison Enterprises. The building will be torn down and replaced by a mixed-use project dominated by high-end apartments. To keep the historic value of the property (it is the first building ever completed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei), the developers plan to rebuild the original facade of the 131 Ponce de Leon building. Pei later went on to design the pyramid at the Louvre, the Bank of China in Hong Kong, and the JFK library in DC. He is still alive at a healthy 95 years of age. The building was first used as office space for Gulf Oil. Most recently, it has been used by small businesses and architects as Midtown office space.

Colony Square Atlanta 1970EPR Creations has always approached website development and online presence consulting from a business background. With that niche in mind, EPR Creations wanted to be located in a central business point in the city of Atlanta. This makes the office space a convenient meeting place for clients as well as an easy place to entertain at the many nearby restaurants. Colony Square is home to many tv and radio stations, law offices, and marketing firms. It’s hard to believe now, but Colony Square was once the tallest building in the Midtown area.

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