The Year in Review

By December 23, 2010News

Website Year in Review2010 was an exciting year for my business. I more than doubled my sales and began working with a number of new clients at Universities, law firms, and international organizations.

2010 was also the year that I began working closely with a number of contractors who allowed me to focus on what I do best and empower others to do their best. I learned a number of valuable lessons in working with others while making sure that the EPR Creations brand kept its quality.

2010 also marked a few shifts in how I develop websites. Nearly all of the websites I develop are now created with a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS does a few very important things for my client:

  • It allows my client to make updates to their own website through an easy-to-use administrator back-end.
  • It empowers my clients by providing ownership of a database that contains all of the information for their website. This database can follow my clients the rest of their lives and can be connected to new website designs in the future.

The second shift was in my approach to website development. I further dug into my niche of being able to provide my clients a business-minded approach to creating their online presence. There are thousands of website designers out there. But I began to focus heavily on combining my business background with website development. Therefore, I began to view website development in a broader role of being the main marketing platform for each company.

In all, I created over 20 websites for clients in 2010.

The greatest compliment I received this past year was from a client who told me that he may be able to quit his day job and focus solely on his passion. The reason he may be able to do this in the coming year is that we created a website presence for him that has been very successful. It is a business that he loves. In these times of economic uncertainty, being a part of the creation of an extra income stream or a new main income stream is a great feeling.

I’m looking forward to what 2011 has in store.

Erik Rostad

Author Erik Rostad

Erik Rostad started EPR Creations in May 2008. He works with universities, international organizations, and executives on their online presence.

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