Launch: January 31, 2019

Dr. Jagdish Sheth


Dr. Jagdish Sheth was one of my very first clients. I started working with him in 2008 and have worked on a number of websites for him over the past 11 years.

The Project

This is the third main iteration of his website. The first was a basic HTML website in 2008. The second was a WordPress website that introduced all of Dr. Sheth’s publications. This third iteration takes the website future by turning a number of those publications into web content from originally scanned PDF files. This opens the content to be accessible by the search engines and discoverable by researchers everywhere. One of the main goals of this website was to make browsing Dr. Sheth’s extensive series of publications much easier.

Another feature of this project is that I turned his 30+ page PDF resume into an interactive resume on his About page. Here, you can learn all about Dr. Sheth’s life, his publications, and his public service.

The Result

It is now easier than ever to access Dr. Sheth’s publications, books, and articles through this new website.

Launch: July 5, 2018

Ralph de la Vega


I started working with Ralph in 2015. At that time, he was the President and CEO of AT&T’s Mobile & Business Solutions. He was also the person who talked to Steve Jobs to get the first iPhone connected to AT&T’s service!

In 2017, Ralph retired from AT&T after an astonishing career and is now the Chairman and Founder of De La Vega Group. In this latest iteration of the website, Ralph sought updated branding, a fresh look and feel to the website, and a stronger focus on his passions going forward.

The Project

For this project, I first worked with a graphic designer to create a new logo for Ralph. The goal was to create something that showed movement and tech.

Once the logo was complete, I began the development of the new website. I took a lot of content from the website we did in 2015, but completely reworked its presentation on this website.

We went through a number of iterations of the website to be sure it was solid on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The Result

I love working with Ralph because he pushes each project to be the very best it can be. Most clients will accept the first draft of a new website, but Ralph always pushes me to get better and better. I appreciate that about him. The end result is a better end product and a strong learning curve for me.

Launch: July 25, 2018

Landmark Booksellers


I absolutely love used bookstores. It’s a place you can go to truly explore your soul. A book may spark your interest in a way that changes your life from that point forward. It may reveal things you are interested in that you never knew before. I go to every bookstore I possibly can.

One day while perusing books in Landmark Booksellers, my wife mentioned to the owner that I am a website developer. That started a conversation that led to me working with Joel at Landmark Booksellers. This is truly a dream client for me. All of our meetings are conducted in a fabulous used bookstore. It’s better than any conference room I could ever imagine.

The Project

Landmark Booksellers hosts a number of events, from book signings and releases to book discussions. Joel, the owner, wanted to be sure word got out to the correct people about upcoming events.

Joel Tomlin, owner of Landmark Booksellers, hired me to develop a new website and updated branding. One key feature was for the proper presentation of upcoming events on the website and the effective promotion of these events in other places. To that end, I created

I worked with a graphic artist to update the Landmark Bookseller’s logo and then created a new website. I continue to work with Landmark on a monthly basis to utilize web tools to get more people in the bookstore.

The Result

I always say that a website is never completed. The focus going forward for the Landmark Bookseller website will be to continue to add content that is relevant to the bookstore and it’s specialty.

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