China Center

The China Research Center promotes understanding of greater China based on in-depth research and experience.
China Research Center Project
China Research Center Website

The China Research Center website contains two websites in one. The main website is for the research center. The other website within the main website houses China Currents, a journal published by the China Research Center. This online journal has been published since 2002.

Relationship-Based Website

Nearly all content is based upon a relationship model. For example, article pages are linked to authors. If clicked, the author pages then show all articles by that author across the entire website. Article topics can also be clicked to see all content about that topic. Wherever a user lands on the website, it’s easy to keep digging down that rabbit hole with relevant content.

Journal-Based Organization

The main challenge for this project was properly organizing all content by journal, author, and topic.

Newsletter Feature within WordPress

The newsletter is now sent from within the WordPress website in an easy drag-and-drop platform.