Landmark Booksellers

Located on Main Street in the heart of Franklin, Tennessee, Landmark Booksellers offers carefully curated new, old and rare books covering a wide range of subjects and authors.
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Landmark Booksellers Website

Bridging the gap between Bricks & Mortar and the World Wide Web

These days, a successful physical store must be closely connected to a robust online presence. EPR Creations has sought ways to connect the delightful Landmark Booksellers store experience to the online realm through software and social media.

Shopify Website and Point of Sale System

This website utilizes the Shopify Ecommerce website platform and Point of Sale (POS) system. This connection allows for seamless interaction between the store and website.

Custom Inventory App

EPR Creations oversaw the creation of a custom app allowing Landmark Booksellers to scan in new inventory via a book ISBN number directly into Shopify. This functionality did not exist and is the only known instance of this feature for a bookstore.

Business Manager

EPR Creations acts as the business manager for Landmark Booksellers, handling all aspects of in-store hardware and software, financial bookkeeping, and business strategy.