Organ Donation Alliance

The Alliance is a recognized partner and convener within the organ donation and transplantation community, dedicated to providing engaged learning, collaboration and leadership dedicated to the advancement of organ donation and transplantation.
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Organ Donation Alliance

Full-Service website

This website provides access for over 20,000 doctors, nurses, and others associated with organ donation around the United States. Each user logs into their unique dashboard to view their list of registered events, continuing education credits, and courses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

The heart of the website is built around a CRM built right within the WordPress CMS. This makes it possible to tag users and share unique information per tag.

Event Registration & Ticketing

Event registration is tied into the CRM. When a user registers for an event, they are given the specific event tag. That tag then triggers email automations, Zoom registrations, and post-event video access.

Learning Management System

Multiple continuing education courses are available and contain lesson content, quizzes, and PDF certificates.

Email Newsletter Capability within the Website

Email newsletters, sequences, and automations are sent directly from the website, further consolidating major functionality within the website administrator area.

Additional Capabilities

This was an enormous website project that was a pure joy to build. It contains the following features:

  • A back-end infrastructure built around regular Webinar events. These events tie in presenters, moderators, continuing education credits, and post-event, on-demand access for members.
  • A robust directory containing everyone associated with The Alliance.
  • A searchable and filterable toolbox as easy to navigate as it is to populate.
  • A site-wide glossary feature that highlights defined terms wherever they appear on the website.
  • An interactive map containing a state-by-state donor registry guide.
  • A website backend that makes it easy for Alliance staff to add and maintain information.