2016: The Year of Digitization

Year Of Digitization
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Cd WarehouseIn 2002, I burned all of my cds onto my computer through iTunes. After that, I sold the cds to The CD Warehouse whose tagline was ironically “The Future of Music.” I then purchased my first Apple product, and iPod Nano, and placed the majority of my music on this new pocket-sized device.

I love the concept of taking physical items that consume a large amount of space and digitizing them. It definitely helps to de-clutter.

Fourteen years later, I’m calling 2016 the year of digitization. Of everything. Boxes of receipts saved in case of a tax audit. Mounds of notes from college. Birthday cards. Photos (when they used to require developing). Newspaper clippings. VHS tapes. DVDs.

All of these items are currently in boxes. I can’t see them without digging through the boxes.

Upon digitization, I can easily search for them from any device.

I still plan to keep some of the hard copies of my favorite photos, cards, and notes. But everything else goes to the dumpster.

To digitize, I just need a good scanner and and even better categorization system. With today’s tools, this is quite easy to accomplish.

There is one thing I refuse to digitize, and that is my collection of books. Unfortunately, that will need to continue to take up a lot of space in the house!

I’ve labeled the years going back to 2011. Here are my other years:

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