Cyberduck Files Not Opening in Textwrangler

By September 27, 2012Productivity Tools

Cyberduck to Text EditorTo edit php, css, and html files, I use a Cyberduck – TextWrangler setup. I open up SFTP areas within Cyberduck and then open, edit, and save the files within TextWrangler. The benefit is that all changes are immediately updated back into the SFTP area.

A few days ago, when I double-clicked on the files to open them in TextWrangler, they would not open up for me. I searched online for a solution and could not find one. Some of the other text editors available are over $50 and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money.

My solution was to pay $5 to get Smultron. Smultron is another text editor that works in tangent with Cyberduck. You can download Smultron here or from the Mac App store.

One thing I don’t like about Smultron is that it automatically saves your file as you are working on it. If you are doing web development, you need time to work on the file before saving it, especially if the page is live. There is a workaround to this so that the file in Smultron will only be saved when you save the file. That workaround is to Quit Smultron on your Mac, open the terminal, and add this comment:

defaults write com.peterborgapps.Smultron5 AutoSave -bool NO

If you have a different FTP to Text Editor setup, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Lucie says:

    Hey Erik! Thanks for blogging about this one…my textwrangler/cyberduck suddenly stopped working the way it has worked so reliably for the past five years. I am now using TextEdit with cyberduck, but I am still very sad…maybe I’ll try the smultron and see if it has a few more features.


  • Bare Bones Software Tech Support says:

    This problem is due to an event-handling bug in OS X 10.8.2 which both we and other developers have reported to Apple.

    As an immediate workaround, you can issue the following Terminal command on a single line:

    defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck editor.odb.enable false

    to cause CyberDuck to switch from using its ODB editor support to simple file monitoring, which should not be susceptible to the problem.

    (Also, if necessary, you can open remote files directly within TextWrangler via File -> Open From FTP/SFTP Server.)

    I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please let us know:

  • Marc says:

    Thanks for this workaround.
    Is there any restriction after disabling the odb?

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey! glad to find a workaround – thanks for stopping by Bare Bones support… though I do wonder what might be important in Marc’s question

  • Chris says:

    Thanks! Saved me after two weeks of headaches.

  • RJ says:

    WOW! “defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck editor.odb.enable false” fixed my long standing issue right away. Thanks for this!!!

  • Sam Cranwell says:

    Spot on – been living with this for ages, and was about to ditch Cyberduck for Transmit. Bare Bones’ solution worked perfectly for me!

  • Seb says:

    Thanks for the workaround — works like a charm!

  • Kristian says:

    !! I am in desperate need of help – I am using CyberDuck and TextWrangler to update images on a website; however, after deleting some images and the corresponding codes to the images something has gone terribly wrong. I did as Ive always done, open textwrangler, delete the lines I no longer want to use, save the file – upload to cyberduck – refresh cyberduck – Open browser clear all history and the images were gone but the description and the images ‘place’ still there – now, the galleries are completely not working. PLEASE HELP! I am not good at this at all and don’t know where to begin to try and fix it.

    • Erik Rostad says:

      Kristian – this sounds like you didn’t fully remove the code for the images or if you did, that the changes did not save. Try going back into the file and seeing if the code is still there and try to remove it once again. Let us know if that works.

  • Kristian Jones says:

    Hi Erik, I did go back and check to see if the code had been removed, it has, I try and pay special attention to make sure only what is necessary is deleted. I’m still unsure as to what the issue is, the correct xml. file is being loaded into the correct folders however, now all but two of the categories are missing and it seems a bit of info is gone… I have never experienced this with our site. any ideas of what could have changed?

    • Erik Rostad says:

      Hi Kristian, I’m not sure what to tell you here other than my original reason for writing this post was to highlight a problem I was having with Cyberduck connecting with Textwrangler. I had to stop using Textwrangler and begin using Smultron to edit my files. You may want to look into that option if these problems continue.

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