How to Underline a Library Book

How To Underline Library Books
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There are two things I love when it comes to reading:

  1. Getting books from the library
  2. Underlining and taking notes in books

Most libraries I know do not appreciate when you underline in their books. One alternative is to take notes in a notebook while reading the library book. However, this can disrupt the reading process. Sometimes, there are very long passages I want to write down, but it would take forever.

In this digital age, I’ve found a great way to “underline” library books. I simply keep my phone next to me while reading and snap photos of sentences or paragraphs that I want to remember.

Then, once I’m at my computer, I’ll create an Evernote note for the book, and add all photos I took of the book to my note. I can then type up additional notes around these photos. The great thing is that Evernote scans these photos and you can search the text from the photos. Say you remember a few words from a particular passage. Just type those words into the Evernote search bar, and it will bring up that book note.

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