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I’ve made it somewhat of an obsession to find the cheapest technology solutions that work across all of my devices. Part of this stems from the desire to minimize wasted time and another part stems from wanting to travel as lightly as possible. I walk to work each day and I travel often with my wife. I do not want to carry unnecessary paper, books, or folders if I can have them on one of my devices.

I use these set of productivity tools on a regular basis. They allow me to save, backup, share, organize, and search almost all of my life:

Evernote IconEvernote
Evernote in its most basic form is a note management tool. If you have post-it notes, napkins, notebooks, body parts, etc. that have writing on them, you need to start using Evernote. Evernote allows you to easily create text, photo, audio, and even pdf notes that are easily searchable. You can create folders within Evernote to arrange your notes per topic, client, or other method. These notes and/or notebooks can then be shared with others so that you can collaborate on projects or share a grocery list with your wife. Evernote is also great for to do lists. And audio notes come in handy when you can’t write something down. Simply hit the record button on your phone, and you will have an audio note.

One of the most impressive options with Evernote is to take notes on a white board, take a photo of said whiteboard, and then be able to search the text of that image within your Evernote account.

Works on:

PC, Mac, Android Tablets & Phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Evernote Productivity Tool

Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud and to then sync those files across all of your devices. Dropbox also offers shared folder options so that you can share photos, files, videos with colleagues, clients, or family. Dropbox can be used as a backup solution for your main files or as a backup of your entire computer. For instance, you could save every single file on your computer within your Dropbox folder to have them all sync.

Works on:

PC, Mac, Android Tablets & Phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Blackberry

Dropbox Productivity Tool

Pocket Read Later Productivity ToolPocket
Pocket is a slick article management tool. Say you are on your computer and you come across a good article but just don’t have the time to read it. With Pocket, you can save that article and read it later on any of your devices. Once you sign up for Pocket, you can add a “Read Later” option to your browser, tablet, or phone so that whenever you pull up an article and don’t have the time to read it, simply save it and read it later.

The great thing about Pocket is that the platform itself has a beautiful, clean interface that strips out all of the ads and unnecessary items on the page. You see the text of the article and any images associated with the article. It’s a better experience reading within Pocket than it is reading on most websites. With Pocket, these articles are available for viewing at any time and can be favorited, archived, or tagged for easier access in the future. Pocket makes it possible to capture articles, photos, or images online.

Works on:

PC, Mac, Android Tablets & Phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pocket Read Later

Other Tools

Productivity Tools

These tools will allow you to keep up on news whether in text or audio format. Mint allows you to keep a quick eye on your finances.

If you know of any other productivity tools that have helped you, please let us know in the comment form below.

The content above is from a presentation given at the Metro Atlanta Chamber on Monday, February 18, 2013 by @ErikRostad

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