Wikipedia in Google Search Results

Wikipedia Google Search Results
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Wikipedia Results in Google SearchesIf you start doing a search on your mobile device, chances are, you’ll start seeing the Wikipedia entry come up first. For example, take this search for Coca-cola. I haven’t even completed typing out the entire search term and look at my first option! The Wikipedia entry shows up even before Coca-cola’s own website!

If we take this search to a desktop computer, we see similar results. The Wikipedia entry is on the right-hand side in a big box right below the map:

Coca-cola Desktop Search

Most companies and personalities have not bothered with their Wikipedia page. Contributors to Wikipedia have already created most pages and most people simply don’t know the process for submitting updates to the page.

With these recent updates to Google search results, it’s imperative that companies and personalities begin paying attention to their Wikipedia pages on two fronts – submitting updated content and monitoring the page for incorrect additions.

If you unsure of how to start, it’s best to hire a group that specializes in these types of Wikipedia updates. In fact, if you are just starting out on Wikipedia, there are some limitations to the types of content you can update until you have made more updates to other pages.

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