How to Set Up an Instagram Contest

Instagram Contest
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Repost for InstagramAs a company or organization, you have a few options on collecting photography. The first option is to hire a number of photographers and pay them money to take photos. The second option is to tap into a large community of people already taking photos. At the end of the day, you’ll have more and better photo choices with the second option.

This post will describe how to set up an Instagram contest for the purpose of collecting photos along a particular topic, city, event, or cause:

1. Create an Instagram Account

The first step is to create an Instagram account for yourself, your cause, or your company. Be sure to include a profile photo and description.

2. Determine a unique #Hashtag for your Contest

Like Twitter, Instagram uses Hashtags (a ‘#’ before a word) to organize photos around a particular topic. As an exmaple, a user can add #atlanta in the description of a photo that has something to do with Atlanta. Upon clicking the word “Atlanta,” you can then view all images about Atlanta.

For your contest, determine what hashtag should be used when people submit photos. If you are trying to collect historic photos of Atlanta, perhaps your contest should be #historicatl.

3. Announce your Contest

Utilize different social media platforms to announce that you have a contest to collect photos about a particular topic or idea. One group, Atlanta Collective, simply states their purpose in their Instagram description:

Atlanta Collective Instagram

Atlanta Collective’s purpose is to collect the best photos that Instagram users take of the city of Atlanta. As their follower, I know that I can follow their account to see great photos of Atlanta. By using the hashtag #atlantacollective, that does not mean that Atlanta Collective will post all of those images on their Instagram feed, but they will choose the best photos to post. This is the same strategy you can use for your Instagram contest.

4. Repost the Best Photos to Your Instagram Account

You cannot repost an image from another account onto your account within Instagram. You will need to use a 3rd party option. The best app I have found for this (if you are using an iPhone) is Repost from Instagram. Once you add this app, enter your Instagram username & password. Then, you can search for photos using the hashtag you set up. You can go through all of the photos and choose the ones you would like to repost to your account. This could be the way that you post the photos of the winner of your contest.

If you have conducted an Instagram contest and have any additional comments to add, please use the comment form below…

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