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Social Media CalendarI know we’re coming upon the winter season, but it’s time for some spring cleaning with your social media platforms. My guess is you’ve overloaded on social media and now have a profile in all of the major platforms.

How is that working out for you?

Chances are, you’re overloaded with work and don’t have much time to update the 34 different social media platforms you are on much less remember the password for each one.

I’d like to suggest a few basic exercises to take stock of your current social media strategy and set forth a doable social media calendar going forward.

1. Analyze your Current Social Media Platforms

Here is a completely made up sample guide to follow in analyzing your current social media footprint:

Platform # of Connections Effectiveness (1-5) 2013 Plan
Website 4 Add about info
Blog 250 4 One blog post each Tuesday
Facebook 600 3 Consistently share valuable content
Twitter 120 2 Phase out Twitter and place more emphasis on Facebook
LinkedIn 275 5 Connect with thought leaders. Add more updates.
Google+ 24 1 Phase out. Focus on Facebook.
Pinterest 35 3 Use this platform to gather ideas. Dig deeper.
YouTube 78 4 Create one new video a month.
Vimeo 67 2 Add one new video with different keywords.
Foursquare 120 4 Add tips and photos.
MailChimp 398 4 Consistent monthly newsletters

Don’t be afraid to phase out platforms that are not working or are taking more time than the effectiveness they are having. If you are like me, you may need to add a separate column to distinguish between personal and business profiles. I found that I had to do more phasing out than other people may need to do because I had two profiles for each platform. I had to decide between the effectiveness of each platform and also distinguish between personal and business platforms.

Effectiveness is subjective here but use your best judgement as to which platforms produce the best results based upon the time it takes to produce content for that platform. If it takes you 4 hours to write a blog and 3 people visited the blog, it’s time to phase that out or revamp the blog.

2. Create a Social Media Calendar

Creating the calendar is easy. Sticking with it is harder. This is why I’d like to suggest starting slow and then building. I tell most of my clients to try to only spend 5 minutes on social media every morning. Otherwise, you will get sucked in and only have disturbingly intimate knowledge about Aunt June’s cats to show for it.

You’ll need more than 5 minutes for blogging and other content additions, but set out a calendar that doesn’t stress you out. If that means one blog post a month, start with one blog post a month. Just make sure that one blog post is Shakespearean.

Before we get into the calendar, here are two rules to follow:

  1. Create valuable content. There is way too much noise out there. If your content is bad, congratulations, you’ve just added to the noise. If your content is of value, you will gain a wider audience and have a larger impact.
  2. Be consistent. Those consuming your content will be more in tune to your offerings if they happen at the same time each week or month.

Here is a basic example of a social media calendar:

Platform Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Per Month
Blog 1 1 8
Facebook 1 Update 1 Update 1 Update 12
LinkedIn 1 4
YouTube 1

Use the comment area below to share any additional suggestions on creating a social media calendar. This is geared towards the individual but it could easily be adapted to company-wide social media calendars as well.

Just remember – quality and consistency.

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