Should I Outsource my Social Media Account?

Outsource Social Media Accounts
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Can you? Yes.

Should you? No.

I’ve noticed a certain trend lately for some of the people I follow on Twitter. The trend is that these people post to their Twitter accounts while they are speaking in front of a group of people or completing the task for which they are famous. It’s not an inexplicable marvel. They either prep the tweets in advance to auto-post at specific times or have an admin in the audience posting on their behalf.

One one hand, this is a great way to supplement a speech. If you know the key points you wish to push before your speech, you can have these quotes come out in near real time, allowing your inspired audience to re-tweet these nuggets of wisdom to their followers.

On the other hand, it has a tint of the unauthentic attached to it. If you are speaking, you’re obviously not tweeting. That begs the question, who is? A robot, an admin in southeast Asia, or a co-worker in the audience? How can individuals avoid this trend while still being effective on Twitter?

Bubba Watson is an example of someone who I think is properly using Twitter. No one was tweeting for him during the Masters Tournament of what his score was, where he was on the golf course, or how he was feeling. What we have is a tweet from him after the tournament where he is enjoying an after-Masters dinner at Waffle House. This is great. It obviously comes from him and it’s pretty hilarious. First of all, he doesn’t have an entourage of body guards around him. Second, he could have eaten at any restaurant in Augusta or the USA for that matter for free and he chose Waffle House.

There is a proper balance between complete auto/admin posting and complete individual posting. What I don’t like seeing is people go solely to the auto/admin posting option in lieu of any individual posting.

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