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Social MediaI’ve found that one of the best ways to talk about social media is to discuss it in terms of a networking event or a business meeting. Picture this scenario. You are running about 15 minutes late to a networking meeting. You know that most of the people at the meeting work in a particular industry. You’ve also met some of these people before at other events but you don’t know the majority of the people.

You finally arrive and see a number of different sets of people. What do you do now?

Do you go up to a group of 3-4 people, hand them an article, and then just walk off? Well, that’s what most people do on Twitter.

Do you go up to a group of people, start talking immediately about something completely irrelevant, and then walk off? Again, this is what most people do on Twitter.

No, the first thing you do is you walk up to a group and you begin listening to what is being talked about. You join the conversation once you have listened for a while and have something of importance to say. You base your comments off of what is already being talked about.

A lot of people that I meet are so scared of social media. They don’t know where to start or what to do once they join. These people are often comforted when I tell them to act like they would at a networking event or a business meeting. Social media is a set of tools that allow you to do what you do best yet in a medium that provides more instantaneous and far-reaching connections.

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