YouTube Idea for Real Estate Agents

Youtube Real Estate Agents
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I came across a video that is a great example of a real estate agent using social media. Neil Kearney from Boulder, Colorado has posted a video tour of his city on YouTube. The video is 4+ minutes long and it shows like a chamber of commerce video about the city. We see the surrounding area, the city center, the university campus, and parks/recreation areas. We only learn that Neil has put the video together at the very end when he identifies himself as a lover of Boulder, a real estate agent, and someone open to you contacting about anything related to Boulder.

For people searching for cities in which they would like to relocate, Neil’s strategy of providing excellent information about the city is a good one. It creates value. It creates value for the viewer and it creates value for Neil. If someone is about to move to Boulder, they now know at least one person they can contact. Neil is very up front in his video and tells people to contact him directly to learn more about his city. He’s obviously promoting his business, but only after providing valuable content first.

I follow a real estate agent on Instagram who uses the platform well. She regularly posts beautiful city views of condos that she is showing, unique parts of historic homes, and happy couples in front of their new homes. You can tell she loves her city and she adds beautiful content to my Instagram feed. With every photo, she is also reminding me that she is an agent in my city. Who am I going to contact when I am ready to purchase a home? Someone in the Yellow Pages or someone who I know is a pro in the area where I want to live?

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