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iPad Mini as Entertainment System RemoteOver the past month, I have been working on a new entertainment system installation at a client's house. This client just purchased an iPad Mini and wanted to be able to control the entire system with her iPad Mini. This client went all out, the results were incredible, and she can indeed control the whole thing on her iPad (or iPhone or iPod).
I spend a lot of time on Apple products and consult a number of clients on how best to use computers & mobile devices. For this blog post, I am sharing my ten predictions I have for Apple product, marketing and service releases for 2012:
1. Apple will begin Courting the Businessperson with Renewed Effort
The incredible list of products already exist. But there is a huge gap between Apple product knowledge and use in the business world. Apple needs to begin devoting massive ad spending to court this segment of the market. This prediction isn't as much about upcoming product launches as it is in marketing focus.
Ethernet Cable Wireless iPadWhat do you do when you are at a hotel and all they provide is an Ethernet cable? How do you connect your iPad or iPhone to WiFi connection? If you are like me, you complete different tasks on different devices, and it helps when they are connected to the Internet. If you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, you can easily set up a shared Internet connection by just having an Ethernet cable connected to your laptop. And if you don't have a laptop, but maybe only have an iPad in a hotel room or house with an Ethernet connection, don't worry, I'll provide details on how you can connect as well. Here are instructions on how to connect from your MacBook:
I recently had a meeting with a client who said all school and company presentation rooms should now contain an Apple TV. Why? Because as more and more people purchase MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, these devices can be used to wirelessly show presentation slides through the use of AirPlay. You can purchase a nice size flat screen and an Apple TV for less than most projectors. Although Apple has recently released AirPlay, more and more apps will begin using this feature to show what is on your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone on a screen through Apple TV.
Over the last few weekends, I have set up a complete entertainment system for some family friends. Being a lover of all things Apple, I attempted to use as many Apple products as possible. It is actually a not so secret desire of mine to have a sizable budget to use at my discretion at Apple and Best Buy. In putting together the system, I was quite surprised at how much Apple has created the ability to connect multiple devices in the home. Products that used to seem disconnected now work together to create a home entertainment system you could have only dreamt about just a few years ago. Here is a list of Apple products that were combined to make a super connected home entertainment system:
Technology & MusicThe NY Times had a great article this morning about a string quartet that has adapted to modern technology in a very intriguing way. The Borromeo String Quartet uses music stands like any other group. The only difference is that physical sheets of paper are not on the music stands. Instead, MacBook Pros adorn the stands and foot pedals are used to turn the digital pages of the score. For anyone who plays music or has been to a concert, you know how distracting turning that page can be. In fact, most pianists have a page turner sitting next to them so as not to disrupt the flow of the music. This is no longer a problem if you are using a foot pedal that takes you to the next page.