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Add a Twitter HeaderTwitter has provided a way to spruce up your main Twitter profile page. You can now add a header for the area containing your basic information. How do you know if you have a header or not? If you have a header, your page will look like this:

Twitter Header

If not, it will look like this:

Twitter No Header

There are two ways for you to add a Twitter header. One is to access the Twitter app on your mobile device. Under profile settings, you can add a photo directly from your mobile device. The second option is to use a computer and upload an image from your photos. To do this, log into your Twitter account, go to Settings and choose Profile. Under profile, at the top of the screen, you will see the following two options:

Twitter Change Header

From here, click the “Change Header” button and upload an appropriate image from your computer. This is not the background image for your Twitter profile, this is an image to go behind your Header area. If you have not uploaded an image, you will not have a header area. The area only shows up once you have uploaded an image. Be creative with this area. This is the first thing someone will see if they go directly to your Twitter page.

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