How to Post your Tweets on your Facebook Wall

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Showing Tweets on FacebookFacebook makes it very easy to post your Tweets directly to your Facebook page wall. This is a nice feature if you’d like to highlight your Tweets on Facebook while only composing the content once.

It’s a simple process. Once you have your Twitter account set up, go over to Facebook, sign in, and go to this link –

Follow these steps and your Tweets will automatically begin showing up on your Facebook wall.

While this is a very easy process to set up, I do not recommend doing it. Twitter and Facebook are separate social media platforms with varying purposes. Sometimes, comments you Tweet do not translate well on Facebook, especially if you are re-tweeting parts of conversations. Also, if you tweet often, you run the risk of angering your Facebook friends. Facebook allows comments that are more than 140 characters. Sometimes you need more than that to tell a story appropriate to Facebook.

If you plan to post content on both Twitter and Facebook, I recommend using a tool such as Hootsuite and I recommend changing the content for each platform.

Update – 9.20.12

In further news, a new study by the Digital Buzz Blog shows that auto-posting to Facebook decreases interaction to the tune of 70% fewer comments and likes. The lesson is – don’t autopost.

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