How to Write Your Twitter Bio

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What should I Include in my Twitter BioYou have 160 characters to make a lasting impression.

Have you filled in your Twitter bio? I come across many Twitter profiles that do not have a bio. If you write a tweet, you have 140 characters. In your bio, Twitter graciously provides an additional 20 characters. Make them count.

Your Twitter bio shows up underneath your name on your main Twitter profile page. It is also the first thing most people look at to determine whether or not to follow you.

Optimize your Twitter Bio

I have a simple rule for your Twitter bio. Make it two sentences. The first sentence should be a description about you, your organization, or your company. The second sentence should be a statement about what you will offer in your Twitter account. Give other Twitter followers a reason to follow you. Are you going to offer tips on how to be a better marketer? Are you going to provide a joke a day? Be specific and make it enticing.

Focus on keywords relevant to you, your company, and your business offering.

Also, be sure to add a link. This does not count in your 160 characters. Include a link to a page about you.

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