About EPR Creations

Erik is an invaluable member of my ATeam. It’s a short list of the people who know how to get stuff done. I know I can count on him at every turn. He is insanely fast AND great – usually you can’t have both. He is my go-to and I am incredibly thankful for his partnership on so many levels.
Michelle Heath
Michelle Heath
Founder & CEO
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Est. 2008

EPR Creations builds effective websites and guides positioning strategies that get companies found online.

About Erik

Erik Rostad is the owner of EPR Creations, a holistic digital marketing strategy firm founded in 2008. For his clients, Erik determines organizational goals and how to meet those online via a comprehensive digital strategy. For small companies, he often acts as Chief Digital Officer. Erik is a digital resource for clients such as universities, small- to medium-sized businesses and high-profile individuals. He is a master at creating a digital experience that both exceeds an organization’s goals and their customers’ expectations.

Prior to launching EPR Creations in 2008, Erik worked in the international division at Russell Corporation, where his work spanned design, manufacturing, logistics, international sales, data management and analysis, and customer experience. Besides his client work, Erik is an online technology consultant for The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance and the digital business manager at Landmark Booksellers.

He holds a Master of International Business from Georgia State University where he became interested in entrepreneurship, and a bachelor of international business from the University of Georgia. Erik enjoys reading, his book project and podcast (www.booksoftitans.com), running, music, and spending time with his wife Stephanie and their two young daughters. He lives in Franklin, TN, outside Nashville.

Portrait Erik Rostad
EPR Creations 2003
Fun Fact

The Pre-EPR Creations

I started EPR Creations in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, EPR Creations had existed prior to that from 2002 to 2005 as the name of a company in the Dominican Republic. Guess what they did? Website design and development! So, EPR Creations has a history that predates my 2008 establishment of the company!