About EPR Creations

Erik is an invaluable member of my ATeam. It’s a short list of the people who know how to get stuff done. I know I can count on him at every turn. He is insanely fast AND great – usually you can’t have both. He is my go-to and I am incredibly thankful for his partnership on so many levels.
Michelle Heath

Michelle Heath

Founder & CEO

Growth Street

Epr Creations Workspace
Est. 2008

EPR Creations builds effective websites and guides positioning strategies that get companies found online.

Is it just you?

That’s the question I get most often. And yes, it’s just me. By the way, I’m Erik Rostad. It’s just me because I love the close connection to my clients. I want you to know that when you talk to me about your project, I’m the one who will be doing the work. Sure, I have people I can call on when I need help, but know that when you hire me, I will be handling your complete project.

Portrait Erik Rostad
EPR Creations 2003
Fun Fact

The Pre-EPR Creations

I started EPR Creations in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, EPR Creations had existed prior to that from 2002 to 2005 as the name of a company in the Dominican Republic. Guess what they did? Website design and development! So, EPR Creations has a history that predates my 2008 establishment of the company!