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EPR Creations partners with small businesses for website development and online strategy planning.

Erik Rostad

My favorite part of website development is the close connection I have with my clients. For the past 11 years, I’ve worked with small business owners, chambers of commerce, international organizations, and universities. My clients have come to know me as a trusted partner who challenges assumptions, strives for the best solutions, and produces a quality project.

I currently live in Spring Hill, TN outside of Nashville with my wife Stephanie and our daughters Scotlyn & Lilia.

The EPR Creations Philosophy

These seven principles guide my development strategy for every project.

“Perfection (in design) is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away.” – Eric S. Raymond

People are visiting fewer website pages and are spending less time on websites. If content is unnecessary, it becomes a distraction. I strive for simplicity in my websites. I want people to be able to find the most important and relevant information as quickly as possible.

As my high school Spanish teacher used to say, “Time is money, honey.” The most common feedback I get from clients is that I am fast. Whether it’s a quick update or a full project launch, I work quickly. I am very responsive to requests and questions, often responding within the hour. Let’s launch quickly, measure effectively, and update early.

I use open source software as much as possible. Simply put, this means that the software is not proprietary to one company. It also means that there are thousands, if not millions of developers around the world perfecting the software.

I’m not your web developer; I’m your partner. I’ll push back. I’ll disagree. If I’m the web developer only telling you what you need or if you’re the boss only telling me what you want, the final website will be incomplete. If we partner together, the final result will be magical.

I once attended a website development conference with thousands of attendees. The moderator asked for the hands of those who worked in big companies. Only a few of the thousands of people raised their hands. The remainder of the people were freelancers.

I guess the website developers who worked for the big companies were getting comfortable in their jobs. I can’t get comfortable. If I am not constantly learning new skills and strategies for website development, I will not get hired. I make it a point to continually be reading and listening to podcasts. In fact, here is my 2018 reading list.

Once upon a time, there was an architect who designed a university campus. In the main quad, she only put grass between the buildings. No sidewalks. People were indignant. They didn’t know where students and faculty would walk. The architect patiently waited three months until crumpled grass footpaths emerged. She then paved over these “user-generated” footpaths. Instead of placing sidewalks where she thought people would walk, she waited to find out where they actually did walk and then created the sidewalks.

Website measurement tools now exist where we can see how users are interacting with the website. I may think they’ll go one way when in reality they’ll go the other. It’s important to measure the site and make updates based upon evidence, upon how users are actually using the website instead of how we want them to use the website.

I take your privacy and security seriously. This applies to your website and your personal information. I take measures throughout the development process to secure all information and to provide consulting on how you can also maintain tight security.

Fun Fact

The Pre-EPR, EPR Creations

I started EPR Creations in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, EPR Creations had existed prior to that from 2002 to 2005 as the name of a company in the Dominican Republic. Guess what they did? Website design and development!

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine allows you to view previous, archived versions of websites, and when I did this for, I discovered that the name EPR Creations had existed before me and amazingly, existed as a web design firm. So, EPR Creations has a history that predates my 2008 establishment of the company!


I recently had occasion to have Erik Rostad totally revamp two web sites for me. One was for the Hong Kong Information Center – Atlanta and the other for our Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. I found Erik to be extremely professional in his approach in our effort to bring both of these sites back up-to-date. The sites are now much more appealing to the eye than before and certainly are more responsive to the needs and desires of visitors. Without exception Erik consistently delivered on time and within budget. I would, and will, recommend his talents and services to everyone I know.

Gene HanrattyDirector, Hong Kong Association Atlanta

Erik, I had to write and thank you ONCE AGAIN for your excellent work on my website and SEO. In the last few months I’ve gotten three new clients who found me using the search terms you implemented. Two of those clients ended up doing high-value, long projects with us! I continue to get compliments on my website as well. Your development and online strategy expertise continue to amaze me and bring me new business! I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Vicki Flier HudsonPresident | Highroad Global Services

Erik Rostad is simply outstanding! He is passionate about his commitment and makes sure he delivers what he promises and more. Of course, he is very creative and designs websites which are user friendly and intuitive.

Dr. Jagdish N. ShethCharles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University

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