Paragon Health Institute

Paragon Health Institute provides health care research as well as market-based policy proposals for improved outcomes in the public and private sectors.
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Paragon Health Institute

Clean, Fresh Design

EPR Creations worked with a designer for a fresh, new look for the Paragon Health Institute website.

Redirect Ecosystem

This full website redevelopment involved the movement of a variety of posts from one location on the old site to a new location. A multi-page redirect ecosystem was set up to make the new website launch a seamless experience for the user and the search engines.

Additional Capabilities

  • A site-wide glossary feature that highlights defined terms wherever they appear on the website.
  • robust directory containing everyone associated with Paragon Health Institute.
  • A searchable and filterable archive of research & analysis publications.
  • A website backend that makes it easy for Paragon staff to add and maintain information.